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Our skilled professionals have experience in dealing with a wide variety of car models and provide repairs that are long-lasting and of high quality.
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Exhaust system

Exhaust system. Most cars have a catalytic converters as a part of the exhaust system and if they become blocked the car will start to lose power. Therefore they need to be kept clean by using a specific chemical or just replaced by a new one. Diesel car also have DPF (diesel particulate filter) which also becomes blocked overtime and then it has to be regenerated.


Alternator & starter repairs

Alternator & starter repairs – alternator is a car part that is responsible for providing battery charge from the car engine. Starter-motor is responsible for starting the car engine. Should be replaced once worn.


ABS, airbag & central locking system repairs

ABS, airbag & central locking system repairs – ABS is an anti-lock braking system which provides tractive control with the road surface whilst braking. ABS light on the dashboard should not be ignored and the car owner should immediately take it to the garage so a professional can take a look at it.


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